My Story

Hey!!!! My name is Jacqueline Le Riche (Laaaa Rishhhhh) but I go by Jacqui :) I personally signed up for Scentsy to keep my mind busy & to have something to constantly do! I love Scentsy that much yes! But I also love my sobriety as well... I was missing something in my sobriety that I just couldn't figure out -- This emptiness, a void that needed to be filled... I love to party -- I love people, I love interacting with people, I love to be silly & play games & dance around like a fool... Soooo someone said "Why don't you sell Scentsy! Then you can party & hang out with friends & they can drink & you are doing your thing" I stewed on this for a few months actually... Then September of 2016 the sign-up kit was $49!!! I obviously HAD TO SIGN UP! Right??? Of course & I still ended up getting the $99 kit... BEST CHOICE EVER!
Not only did I get the chance to walk out of the job that I had for 10 years but I have also gained the most confidence from this business & earned 4 FREE trips now! The last trip I earned was to New Zealand - I got that for being in the TOP 100 out of 275,000+ consultants! That is mind-blowing to me! Scentsy has done me good & I would love to help others along with their journey! Is this you???